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Business Area
Technology to increase the value
CNC Automatic Lathe

Key Equipment of FA
with Complex Machining,
Simultaneous Control
of Mechatronics

CNC Swiss-type Automatic Lathe

Key equipment of FA for mass production
with automatic material feeding system
with machining programbased
on numerical control with computer

  • Automotive

  • Telecommunication

  • Medical

  • Hydraulic/

    • Installation of up to date system with internet connection
    • CNC remote system construction / Monitoring function
    • Main/Sub spindle built-in motor
    • Durability, Safety and Convenient bed structure
    • Broad equipment area from small precision parts to MCT & CNC lathe machined parts
    • Next generation remote control unmanned producing system
    • Simultaneous control: Composite, Synchronous, Complex controls
    • Complex machining: Turning, Milling, Drilling, Cutting, etc
    • Powerful high speed Tooling system
    • Using CAM and B axis to process complex and variety shape machining
    • Minimize cycle time by balance machining (3 path control)