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About Us
Technology to increase the value

NEXTURNBIOSCIENCE Co., Ltd. is established in July 2000 as a specialized CNC Automatic Lathe manufacturer, small-medium business with own technologies and know-hows who challenged to the market dominated by large corporation. We started full scale business with success for rapid and multi-function of machines produce wide range of industrial components.

Founder of company studied Automatic Lathe technology since mid- 1970, believes a leading corporation only can be made with outstanding machine development – so developed world first maximum capacity of 56mm Automatic Lathe. Also, other 30 different models were developed and produced to be recognized his technology. NEXTURN Co. Ltd. has been listed on KOSDAQ since 2006.

In 2016, we received technology transfer to produce and export High temperature display glass press which is Ultra-precision optical equipment. In 2017, established medical division to develop new business sector.

Company name has been changed as NEXTURNBIOSCIENCE as of April 2021 and established Bio division to enhance investment for medical and bio business sectors.

NEXTURNBIOSCIENCE will value our customers’ options for all our business area and will do our best to be a company to grow together.

Thank you.

All employees of NEXTURNBIOSCIENCE Co., Ltd.