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Interventional Procedure Robot System

Intelligent Interventional Procedure Robot System based on Robot 3D Cardiovascular Visualization Technolohy

Interventional Procedure Robot System

Development of 6-Degree-of-Freedom Remote Control Robot System with 0.5mm Precision 3D Cardiac Electro Anatomical Mapping System and Variable Rigid Active Steering Robotic Catheter Tool for Improved Accuracy of Low-radiation exposed Cardiovascular Intervention


Target Disease

  • Arrhythmia
    • 90% of sudden death
    • Incidence rate of Arrhythmia: 5times of angina
  • Coronary Artery Disease
    • 1st place cause of death in the world
    • 2 million procedures per year
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease
    • 20 ~ 30% of stroke causes
    • Amputation and death due to necrosis

Current Problems of Medical Environment

  • Negative Impact on Health of Patient and Medical staff
    • High radioactivity exposure
  • Long Procedure Time
    • Atrial fibrillation 4 to 8 hours
    • peripheral arterial 2 to 4 hours
      → Decreased concentration of medical staff
  • High Cost of Procedure
    • High cost of procedure due to long time of procedure (Arrhythmia treatment $10,000)
  • Accuracy of Procedure
    • Much of the procedures is simple and repetitive
    • Large difference in procedure depending on the skill of the operator.


  • Procedure-assisted Robot
    • Improved operator intuitiveness
    • Reduction of radiation exposure
    • Improved procedure precision
  • Clinical information fusion
    • Reduced operator fatigue
    • Improved procedure success rate
    • Reduced procedure time
  • Clinical intelligence fusion
    • Reduced risk factors such as perforation
    • Utilizing the training of operator
    • Customized procedures for patients



  • Manual Catheter

After Using the Interventinal Robot System

Modularized Procedure-specific Functions based on Platform Concept
  • Robot Catheter
  • Manipulator
  • Master


Insufficient Procedure Information
  • Angiogram (2D)
  • Cardiac mapping shape (3D) + Electrocardiogram symbol

After Using the Interventinal Robot System

Providing 3D Vessel Information through Image Matching and AR
  • Angiogram (2D)
  • Cardiac mapping shape (3D) + Electrocardiogram symbol
  • Image Matching
  • AR


Manual Catheter
  • Judgement of the operator

After Using the Interventinal Robot System

Implementing Navigation Technolohy based on Clinical Big Data
  • Judgement of the operator
  • A.I Navigation